Training Tues Recap – 2/20/18 GCM half


9 more weeks until Glass City half marathon, and my marathon relay.  Did I mention my family is doing the relay again?  We had to recruit a new 5th relay runner this year because my friend couldn’t join us again, but we found another friend who was going to run the 5K, so we snagged … [Read more…]

Treadmill Rehab

My treadmill had a little rehab work done on it!  I wrote a post recently about my trusty Precor treadmill, so you may know it has a ton of miles on it.  More importantly, we’ve had it for a 10 1/2 years – a half a year outside of the original warranty on it.  Alan … [Read more…]

Adventures with Apple repair. A rant.


Were you looking for a rant today?  You’re in luck!  You’ve come to the right place My rant today is about Apple.  In particular, the Apple repair service.  As you’ve heard me complaining about for the past week, my MacBook Pro died.  Being the skilled IT peeps that we are, we tried everything we could … [Read more…]