Training Tuesday 1/17/17 – GCM edition!

It’s Tuesday again?!  I had a nice long four day weekend, because I work in the banking industry, and it seemed like I was on holiday!  (I love to say “on holiday”!)  For two more weeks I am in “pre-race-training” mode for the Owens Corning Half Marathon at Glass City on April 23rd.  Here’s what … [Read more…]

Dad update – when the plan changes

Taking a break from the running/exercise chat to talk about my Dad.  Just like running, I find writing to be therapeutic too. It started innocently enough a month ago.  I spoke to my Dad and he said his knee was hurting him.  He had to stop what he was doing (climbing up on the RV … [Read more…]

Training Tuesday 1/10/17 – GCM edition!

Happy Tuesday!!  I hope your week is starting out great.  I was hoping to have fabulous running things to tell you about in my “non-training” recap for the week, but it’s been a bit lackluster.  In just a few weeks this will turn into my official Training Tuesday recap for the Owens Corning Half Marathon … [Read more…]