Adventures with Apple repair. A rant.


Were you looking for a rant today?  You’re in luck!  You’ve come to the right place My rant today is about Apple.  In particular, the Apple repair service.  As you’ve heard me complaining about for the past week, my MacBook Pro died.  Being the skilled IT peeps that we are, we tried everything we could … [Read more…]

Training Tuesday – GCM half edition, 2/13/18

Happy Fat Tuesday! Or Galentines Day, to all of my sole sisters out there 😉 I didn’t even realize my Training Tuesday post wasn’t ready to go until early this morning… because no, I don’t have my laptop working yet So it’s another post from my phone. Waaaaa! But after shelling out some $$$$$ at … [Read more…]

Terrible Tuesday and the power of 3


So this happened Tuesday morning.  Seemed innocent enough that my socks didn’t match, but it was more of a foreshadowing of what was in store for me that day.  Things just not working right. They say bad things happen in three, right?  Let’s start with the good stuff.  I found a great deal on a pair of shoes on … [Read more…]