Why you should plan ahead

During our Mohican weekend, on Saturday I decided that I should go out for my run on the trails at Mohican.  I am by no means a trail runner, but I do own trail shoes, which I had packed, and my training schedule did say 3-4 easy miles, and the kids were still sleeping… so … [Read more…]

Mohican 100 Mile Race recap

Wow, what a weekend! I’ll cut to the chase and tell you that Alan did finish his first 100 miler.  Incredible!!  From what I could figure from the results 121 finished the 100 mile race, and 108 DNF (did not finish).  Alan finished 87th in that event. We camped at the event’s location.  Even though … [Read more…]

Sweaty weekend in Mohican

We’re getting all packed up for our next adventure – the Mohican 100 mile trail race.  No… I’m not running it, but Mr. TechChick is!  Alan ran it last year as you may recall, but had to drop out due to rolling his ankle.  He made it 73 miles until I dragged his stinky body … [Read more…]