Catching up, and rolling with it!

Time for some catching up!  My last run was on Friday morning, so it’s been a restful weekend.  Well, restful from working out, but not socially.  I went biking… (or is it “cycling”?  I don’t know the lingo yet.  But I do know how to inflate my tires now!!) We went camping… Went to a … [Read more…]

MacQueens Run for your Life 10K!

I signed up for a race!  “What?”, you might say – “Lisa, aren’t you injured/still recovering right now?”  Why yes, that is true.  But this race is on Oct. 9th, and it’s a 10K.  The perfect distance to “test out the waters” for Columbus half on Oct. 16th, and it also looks like a lot … [Read more…]

Fri-yay! The super cool new thing in my garage.

Do you have a favorite day of the week?  Mine is Friday for sure.  Well technically, it’s Thursday night because that’s “date night” with Alan which include our weekly TV watching (Survivor, and right now it’s Stranger Things!) with pizza and beer.  But Friday is my day off work so it’s the official start of … [Read more…]