Nerd alert, morning running and another giveaway!


** Just a reminder that if you haven’t scored a free entry to the Glass City marathon (full, half or 5K) and you’d like to – there are still giveaways going on!  Visit this Facebook page to enter, courtesy of race Ambassador Jennifer!  You’ll see her Rafflecopter giveaway on that page.  You can even gift … [Read more…]

Release the yogini within!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me looking graceful and elegant in some awesome yoga poses.  Or, you may have seen me looking awkward and stiff in some standard yoga poses.  I guess is just depends on how fast you scroll through your feed  As a side note, it’s so great … [Read more…]

Streak much? and the Holiday Hustle 5K

Silly stuff first: on the relay team my family created for the Yark Subaru Glass City Marathon (the Willford Wonders) we will be running with the following names: Lightning Lisa, Zippy Zachary, Speedy Sydney, and All Star Alan!  I’m visioning team shirts right now The buzz on my Mom’s Running Facebook group was loud.  A Running Streak … [Read more…]