GCM Early bird registration & Runaway Bride 5K

As Labor Day approaches, it can only mean one thing… no, not the Fair, or summer ending, or almost my marathon… Labor Day is time for early bird registration for the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon!   I know, time flies right?  Yes, the Glass City Marathon is on April 23, 2017 here in Toledo, … [Read more…]

Running recap – 4 weeks until Erie!!

Oh man, I had to double check on the number of weeks until the Erie Marathon on Sept. 11th.  Is this true??  Only 4 more weeks?  <gulp>  You may have been wondering, what IS up with my running lately?  I know you have been wondering… So, when we last spoke about my training, and running, … [Read more…]

Mexico Barcelo – final days!

Down to our final days of the vacation recap!  I’m going to just lump all of the rest of the stuff together.  Right across the street from our resort were several Cenotes.  Cenotes are “swimming holes”!  They have crystal clear water, which is a bit chilly.  However, “chilly” is all relative.  The water temperature was … [Read more…]