Winter is really here

I had a feeling that there might be a school delay today.   My alarm was set for 5:30, but I swear I was up at 3am, 4am, 5am, just waiting for it to go off.  I was a bit excited about waking up early to get my workout done before I needed to switch into Mom mode and get the kids ready for school.  This is what our weather looked like at 5:40am…


Sure enough, just a few minutes after I got on the treadmill they announced a school delay.  Good thing Alan was staying home today so he was able to get the kids on the later bus.


I finished my 5 mile GA run (a “normal” run) and was able to do some core work, stretches and lifted a few hand weights.  Then of course, I was late for work 😉  Oops!  But I did feel quite accomplished, so that was worth it.

I went to PT on my lunch hour.  Last night I decided to take the tape off my knee.  I just wasn’t sure if it was helping my knee.  It was pulling on my knee so tight, I kept feeling the pain from the pressure.  I’m starting to get bummed about this knee situation.

I got some different exercises at PT, and I think we are probably up to 45 mins of exercises now.  If the knee issue doesn’t get repaired, I will at least have a pretty hot @$$ because these exercises are really working it!

Being back at work wasn’t quite as dreadful as I expected, but I did get pretty darn tired at the end of the day.  I need to make sure I get to bed before 11:45 tonight because I have 8 miles on the schedule for the morning!!

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