The late long run

I had to stall a bit for my long run on Friday.  I needed to go for the run at 11am instead of 8:30am, to simulate Boston starting time. Zoe kept me company and made me stay right where I was for a few hours. I kept in mind what my coach (aka Alan!) told … [Read more…]

One more time Thursday

Mother Nature is giving it one last try around here.  I thought it looked like a beautiful snow globe from my window.  No matter that runners were wearing shorts outside yesterday (not me, but I did brave the “cold” 50 degrees with some capris!), now it’s at least 20 degrees colder. Some more awesomeness  was … [Read more…]

Things that go squish in the night

Last night as I was getting ready for bed I had a great multitasking idea… I could do some PT exercises while I brush my teeth.  I could get a few monster walks done while my 2 minutes counted down on my electric toothbrush (love that thing!).  I like to think I can accomplish many a … [Read more…]