It came from nowhere!

I’m sitting here being all angry right now.  I was so ready to start back at some really easy morning runs post-Boston this week.  I really love my routine of exercising before work and it’s time to get that going again.  And then, it just came out of nowhere.  By “it” I mean a pain … [Read more…]

Glass City Marathon kids run

This weekend was the Glass City Marathon here in my town.  This is the first year in a long time that I didn’t participate in the race.  My first half marathon was here 5 years ago.  They also have a fun kids run which we have also been participating in for a long time.  So … [Read more…]

And here’s more Boston stuff!….

A few more thoughts and pictures of Boston while it’s fresh in my mind… One of the really cool things is a tent that is set up by some neighbors on the route to the marathon start line.  They have a tent with everything a runner could need.  And I mean everything.  Body Glide, band … [Read more…]