Happy run and BIG news!

I had a happy morning run today.  It started before the sun was up, and was a crisp morning – none of that humidity!  I’m excited anytime I see a “8” in the pace on my watch and it ended up being a progressive run, with a little 7:23 sprint at the end.  8:23 overall … [Read more…]

Running stuffs

I made it through my first “trial” week of marathon training.  Last week I ran 32.5 miles with a long run of 14 miles (broken up, not consecutive).  Sunday and Monday I ran outside and those were tough runs for me!!  It was humid and I was dragging.  I had an 8 miler one day … [Read more…]

Bring on the treats!!

School is almost over!  This upcoming week is a jam packed week with school stuff, and me having to bake stuff for said school stuff!  I love to cook, eat, and make treats, but cooking and baking for other people gives me the heebie jeebies!  I get performance anxiety because, well, perhaps you’ve seen my … [Read more…]