Friday already?

I know a lot of people are excited that Friday is here. But not me – that means I’ll be missing out on this view greeting me each morning    How about you, looking forward to the weekend?

Golf mania!

I thought I’d share these fun pictures of what we did last week.  It was date night with my son.  We played miniature golf.  He was pretty good.  Way past the stage where we just chase the balls all over the place since he knocked them too hard.  If you’ve ever golfed with little kids … [Read more…]

A brush with the law

Just a recap on how my runs went this week.  Monday started out with a hill workout.  I actually drove to the “hills” to do this workout in the pre-dawn hours.  My hill area is an overpass, which also has a hill leading to the park right next door. This workout actually went pretty well … [Read more…]

Working for that vacation

Did everyone have a good weekend?  I did!  I got to go on a “date night” with my husband.  We went to a wedding reception which was “adults only”.  It was a nice night.  Look at me, I flat ironed my hair!! Both Saturday and Sunday were spent around the pool since we finally had … [Read more…]