Columbus on the brain – 5 mins of fame

It’s almost time for another big race for me… the Columbus half marathon!  This one is big for me in general because it’s kind of where it all started.  It was my husband’s first full marathon, and mine as well.  We used to live in Columbus, so it’s also a nostalgic trip when we go there too.  It was also the scene of two pretty dang good races last year too!  My husband got his first sub 3 hr marathon, and I crushed my half marathon time!  You can read my race recap here.

We are HAPPY runners!!

I say “crushed” my PR because I am still pretty amazed that I pulled off the time that I did.  It came out of nowhere.  I’m hoping to have a repeat performance of that again in less than 2 weeks, but I won’t be too disappointed if I don’t because like I said, it was just so unbelievable for me!

Imagine my surprise when I opened up the participant newsletter from the Columbus marathon this year and I saw my own picture in it!!

columbus pr gong

Just imagine all of the Columbus runners seeing me! Yep, that’s my 5 mins of fame (in my own mind).

That’s me hitting the PR Gong.  Funny thing was that I remember the race photographer taking this picture, but I never saw it after that.  I thought maybe it would be part of my race photos, but it never surfaced… until now.

I’m guessing they used my picture because I think I was the happiest runner in the whole post-race area!  happy happy happy!!!  (I think I have exceeded my allocation of exclamation points already in this blog post so I will scale it back some now)


Anyhow, I’m still wondering a bit about my foot and how it will fare at the race.  Sure, a smarter runner would just stop running now, and wait until race day to evaluate the situation.  But, me, I’m kinda dumb about running situations and will keep training on my foot until  it really bothers me – in exchange for taking time off AFTER race season.

I did make a modification to my shoe insole that the Dr. had suggested, which was to cut out a hole underneath the inflamed area, so it gets less pressure on it.  I guess it feels OK.  It feels a little odd actually, but it doesn’t feel any worse, so I’m giving it a go. Luckily I have about 8 pairs of these  shoes so there is an ample supply of insoles to go around in case further modifications are necessary!

2015-10-06 19.46.16

And lastly, a funny video that I had to share about waiting to be accepted to Boston… so funny, and yet so true!  My favorite line: “don’t tell me there’s always next time – I worked so hard for this BQ.”  :)


Q: Have you ever worn special insoles, orthotics, or made modifications to your insoles?

Q: If you have a favorite race, it is based on location, or previous performance results?

Q: Are you getting Fall weather where you live?

I’ve gone for some “chilly” runs, and I can’t say I’m disappointed with it yet!


  1. That is SO great that you got into the photo! Love it. I’m curious about how your husband got in under 3 hours. That’s my lofty goal. I have a favourite race based on its location nearby and the sentiment involved. I run it every year! (when I haven’t been pregnant… ha!)
    Suzy recently posted…Boob Job: Amateur HourMy Profile

    • I’ve talked my husband into sharing some training secrets, so there will be a guest post from him soon. But not until after we race Columbus, to see how he does this year! Sub 3 is such a great goal – I admire anyone who can even come close to that… which includes you!! I wish I had half of your speed!

    • I’ve decided to have my husband do a guest post, so he’ll share his marathon training secrets with us all. I hope to learn something too! haha His prior PR was 3:07 for the marathon.

  2. Interesting about the “cut out” in the shoe insert! But genius!

    Good luck on your up comging run!!! Hope the foot heals up and doesn’t give you any trouble!!!

    Love the picture of you hitting the gong!!! And, wow, a sub 3 hour run for your hubby?That is awesome!

    • I’m still not sure if that cutout really helps – but my foot felt fine today, so I’ll go with it!
      Yep, my husband is a speedster. His first marathon was 3:42, so his training has really paid off over the years!

    • It was super exciting to see my picture on that newsletter! I can’t decide if my foot is improving, or just staying the same. Today it didn’t hurt on my run, so that’s a plus. Have a great weekend!

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