Thankful Thursday!

Here are a few things that I am thankful this week…

2016-01-07 09.10.44

Finding the top scoring word(s) when playing Words With Friends!!  (Sorry I beat you Mom…)

2016-01-06 16.11.03

Seasonal craft beer!!  Cheers!  Reason to celebrate… we just booked a ski trip to Colorado… and used lots of frequent fliers miles to make it cheap!!!

2016-01-05 21.39.37

I did not struggle at all during my first “medium long run”.  10 miles in the middle of the week, before work!  Take that stupid sore hip!

2016-01-06 07.23.33

Thankful for a Starbucks drink to recharge after that medium long run!! … and making it work on time.

2016-01-06 08.26.54

Thankful as always for a family who enjoys hanging out together.

2015-12-31 12.13.09 2015-12-31 11.19.49

And thankful that my son enjoys taking selfies with my new selfie stick, unlike my daughter who is embarrassed of it!  haha!!

2015-12-30 16.59.45


Q:  How about you, what are you thankful this week?

Q:  Selfie sticks, confess… do you own one?

I just got mine for Christmas. Hey, I’ve got short arms….

Q:  Do you play Words With Friends?   

My whole family is addicted to it!


  1. You’re damn right we own a selfie stick! We took a road trip this past summer- CO, NM, Grand Canyon, Vegas, San Diego… I figured instead of having other people take our pictures, we could do it ourselves. I don’t care if they thought we were dumb, we’ll never see them again!

    Congrats on 10 miles DURING THE WEEK. 8 is like my cutoff on a work day!

    Your ski trip will be so fun! We are thinking about going back to CO this summer. It will be our third summer in a row, but it is just so GORGEOUS there!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Things I forget that I love…My Profile

    • I’m trying to follow my training play to a T this time. I cut those runs to 8 miles in the past, but wanted to see how the written ones would go. The longest one is 14 miles!
      Alan thought I was joking when I asked for the selfie stick for xmas, but I agree, it will be super handy on trips.
      We have never been to Colorado in any seasons other than winter, but it sure does look incredible year round. Standing on top of the Continental Divide is breathtaking!!

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