Tank top weather already, and a Frantic Finish

Here in Ohio the weather just hit 83 degrees.  Whew!!!  I don’t even have my long sleeve clothes put away yet, because I think I was wearing sweaters last week.  Crazy.  But, I’ll be prepared because I finally found a very detailed arms workout! I’m excited about this find because I’m pretty clueless when it … [Read more…]

Week 2 of Hansons complete

Today marks my second week on the Hansons training plan.  I have to say it’s been quite different, as it should!  First a disclaimer – I’m still dealing with glute/hamstring pain, but any of the “difficulties” I have been experiencing have been related to that previous injury, not caused by my new plan.  Although I … [Read more…]

Heck no Hansons

And by that I mean, no regularly scheduled Hansons talk today… I have more exciting things to talk about today. KITTENS!! Oh yes, we did bring home three little kittens. You might know that my daughter and I are volunteers at the Humane Society.  We discussed being foster parents of kittens last year, but the … [Read more…]