Sleep, how do you do? zzzzz

My thoughts were kind of in a jumble this morning.  I woke up early for my run (5:20am) on Tuesday.  That early wake up, plus taking an antihistamine, meant by the time 10pm rolled around Tuesday night, I was pretty exhausted and cranky.  I get a decent amount of sleep, but some days I just … [Read more…]

A busy, and colorful weekend

We had a really busy Friday & Saturday here at my house.  It felt like we crammed an entire week’s worth of fun events in to just one 48 hr period!  I am exaggerating slightly, but it was quite busy! Friday started out with my long run.  Since we had plans, I got out there in … [Read more…]

Crazy unbelievable!

I have a lot to cover on what happened in our weekend, but I’m saving that until I have a little more time in a few days. BUT, I did want to share with you this awesome, crazy, unbelievable thing that happened to me today. It was “date night” with my son and he picked … [Read more…]