Hills and more hills!

On Friday I decided that I needed to get some more hill training in so I went over to the upcoming half’s race course to run some of the hills we will be racing on in just a couple weeks. My run started early and it was a bit dark and foggy out! I avoid … [Read more…]

Blue Creek metropark adventures

This past weekend we ventured over to a “Getting to know your park” event that was happening at Blue Creek metropark.  We have been to this park before, not even knowing it was a new metro park in our area!  It houses the “big hill” that the cross country team runs on (aka, that hill … [Read more…]

Week 2 of Glass City Marathon giveaways!

This is week 2 of the “9 weeks of Awesomeness” going on with the Glass City Marathon race Ambassadors.  This week Brian Hackenburg has the honor of giving away two free race entries!!  BTW, you should read Brian’s bio on our page – he has run 11 FULL marathons in FULL firefighter gear!! If you … [Read more…]