2 more days!! GCM deadline approaching

The countdown is on!  Only 2 more days left!!


March 31st (11:59 pm) is the final day to make any changes to your Glass City registration.  AND, if you haven’t signed up yet, here is what you’ll be missing if you wait until after April 1st…

Personalized bibs!  Relay members will have their relay team name on their bib, but the other bibs can be customized.  And check it out… the colors indicate which race you are running.  Yellow is for first time marathoners!  It will be fun to check those out on the course.

marathon first-marathon half relay 5k

Possibly not getting a shirt!  You will be sad – they had awesome shirts last year!


Prices will be going up on April 1st!  Are you made out of money?  I think not.  Save a few $$$.

Corral placement  Make sure you can get in the right place to meet your goals (or so you  don’t get run over!!)

So don’t delay!

All of the details can be found on this link…  or sign up on this link.


Hope you are having  a great week.  It’s Spring Break for my kids, so no school is a hit with all of us :)  We’re painting our basement/a bedroom, and going on some road trips.

Q:  Did you go anywhere for Spring Break this year?

Q:  Did you go with your class on a Senior trip in high school??

We went to Daytona Beach.  I think my parents were crazy for letting me go!!  We only saw our parent chaperone once during the trip!



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