I met Matt Fitzgerald (author!)


Last Saturday, the day prior to the Glass City races, I worked all morning at the race expo.  I’m a big fan of race expos.  I mean, who knew you needed all of the cool race stuff they are selling there!!  Unfortunately I actually had to work, so I didn’t get to shop. But, I … [Read more…]

Rest & recovery… it’s part of the plan!


My past few weeks have been a whirlwind of travel, kids stuff (track, soccer, chess), cheering on runners, promoting races, and finally: running races!! The one thing that I looked forward to the most after the Glass City races this year was sleep. Well, I mean, after that well earned mug of Glass City Glory!! … [Read more…]

Glass City Marathon / Owens Corning Half 2017 recap


I’m going to skip the talk about the expo, pre-race and post race for now (saving that for later this week), but I’ll tell you all about the race instead!  As you may remember, I was slightly undertrained for this race due to hamstring and glute pain I’ve been having since… oh, years now!  So … [Read more…]