Glass City marathon weekend – stuff you need to know!!

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Ambassador 2017

I don’t know about you, but my brain is just packed full of information about this weekend!! So, I’m putting together this list of things I think you should know about Glass City Marathon race weekend…

When do I get my bib?  Can we pick up the whole relay team packet of bibs?

Race expo is on Saturday, April 22 9am – 5pm, Savage Hall at the University of Toledo.  Expo details here.  If you just can’t make it to the expo – special early pickup is before the race, Sunday 5:30am – 6:30am, also at Savage Hall.  And yes, one person can pick up the relay packet!  Relay team details here.  Don’t forget your ID!!  You will need it in order to pick up your bib.  You will also need your bib number…

Where do I find my bib number?

The RaceJoy app!  You can learn about it here.  The RaceJoy app also provides tracking.  It can provide bib tracking (runner does not need to carry their phone) and also live phone tracking (an upgrade, and runner carries phone).

Where should I park on race day?

This is one you need to check out.  The maps of the parking areas.  Depending on the distance you are running (5K, half, marathon/relay), you will want to park in different lot.  I mean, if you’re running the 5K, you don’t want to get locked into a lot because you can’t cross the race course!  So study that map before you head out and make a plan!

When does the race start?

7:02 am for the marathon/half/relay.  7:15 am for the 5K.  Both races start on Bancroft Street, in front of the University of Toledo and finish inside the Glass Bowl football stadium!  See the maps here.  Why 7:02??  I have no idea!

Is bag drop available?

Yes!  I used it last year and it was so simple.  The drop off vehicle was located right be the start line.  Hang out in your sweats and a jacket until the race starts, and pick it up afterwards in the finish area!  Details here.

Can I get a deal on some pre- or post-race meals?

Yep!  Check out this list of restaurants offering GCM runners a discount.  Just take your medal, or wear your official race shirt.

What is going on at the finish line?

I mean, besides super high energy when runners finish the race… there is a food tent with a band, and beer!!  Glass City Glory beer!!  Guess what?  I named that beer!!!  What, I didn’t tell you about that story?  Go here for the details.  There are lots of food and refreshments after you finish.  Post race party details.

Doh!  I forgot to sign up!  How can I sign up now??

At the race expo on Saturday.

Where will the awesome race Ambassadors be?

You can stop by and say Hi to me at the Info table at the race expo, running along the race course in our gold Ambassador shirts, and you might even see me hanging out in a tent or two cheering at Rally Row.  What is Rally Row?  It’s the cheering tents for groups set up at mile 26 which is where the Relay Reunion area is too.


Did I mention that today is my birthday?? Yeah!!


I hope to see you sometime on race weekend!!  If you have any questions, please let me know.


Q:  Do you get balloons for your birthday?

Balloons are a birthday tradition in our house!  Along with cake and ice cream :)

Q:  Do you use the bag drop at races?

I never used to… and then I tried it and loved it!  Very convenient.


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