Training Tues 4/4/17 – GCM edition

10pm… it’s still Tuesday, so let’s go with it… Happy Tuesday everyone!  The past week was Spring Break for my kids, so in addition to enjoying a break from work, we also got a few tasks around the house, and took a day trip to a museum.  And I didn’t spend much time on my blog at all!  But I’m trying to get back in the swing, so let’s talk about the big race which is coming up in less than 3 weeks… the Glass City Marathon!

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Ambassador 2017

Weekly Stats:

  • Training for:  Owens Corning Half marathon @ the Glass City Marathon
  • Days of running: 4
  • Miles run: 30.5
  • Gym visits: 2


7 miles “endurance” + gym day – Treadmill run testing out my new shoes, Kinvaras.  They felt pretty darn good!  I think they are a keeper.  Also, went to the gym to do my PT strengthening exercise because they take forever to do!!



3 easy miles.  Well, this was supposed to be “easy miles”.  But I decided to run outside and when I saw my first mile click off slower than I expected, that lit a fire under me to run the rest of the miles faster, and even sprint to my house at the end.  Duh.  That’s why I need to just stick to the treadmill some days!  My new Kinvaras got to go outside too!  Look at the pretty flowers…



Gym day + 2 miles easy (had to get outside to enjoy the sun!) + Speedwork (4.8 miles PM) , Dave’s 5K Training group.   I never really know ahead of time whether I’ll be running an easy pace at training group, or a challenging pace.  It just depends on which runners show up for the group, and which coaches are available.  Tonight I ran a very challenging pace!  We ran 6 x 800’s and my last 800’s were 7:45, 7:38, 7:31 and 7:29!  Phew, that was exhausting, but also encouraging :) !  And the best news, I wasn’t feeling super sore after my run.  Yeah normal-ish feeling hamstrings!!



No running – slightly sore, and rest day is required (by me) after hard workout.


No running – feeling pretty decent, but keeping with my 2 day rest rule.  Keeping up with the PT exercises!



3.6 miles w/ Dave’s Training group & 10 miles long run – my Dave’s group pace was an easy run, and I took it slow on my long run.  Just hoping to make it through my run without pain, but sadly that was not the case.  Still having glute/hamstring pain after an hour of running :(


The creek was overflowed at the park!!   Made for an interesting sight.  Yes, there is usually mostly grass there!



Rest day, sore hammies.

I do feel like I am getting stronger with many of the PT exercises (and was it just a fluke that I didn’t hurt after those tough intervals??), but I still have a lot of work to do apparently to fix the longer running.

You can find my other Training Tuesday recaps here!  I’m linking up with Courtney’s at Eat Pray Run DC again this week.  It’s always fun to see what everyone else’s week looks like!


Q:  Did you go anywhere for Spring Break?

Q:  Do you plant bulbs in your yard?

The “early” risers are up, but I’m still waiting for the rest of the flowers to come up!


    • The park was quite interesting! The boardwalk area is so cool. It was a private family’s estate originally, and it’s massive. So glad the whole community gets to enjoy it!

    • I’m excited for my race, and nervous too. Not sure how my performance will be, but I’m really looking forward to the kids experiencing race day running the relay.

  1. Oh wow! Is that flooding at Wildwood?! That was a strong week of running, injury or not. I hope those pt exercises help keep you pain free on race day!

    • Maybe exercises take more than a week to work?? 😉 Not sure, but nothing great yet.
      Yes, down by the creek at Wildwood! Kind of eerie and yet peaceful at the same time.

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