Running all the days and nights

It’s summertime and the running is…. every night?? Let me start by saying I’m a morning running. (well duh, you knew that already, right??)  I LOVE to just wake up early and go do my own thing. There are so many benefits of morning running in my opinion, but the best for me is that it fits so well into my schedule. It leaves my evenings free, and doesn’t impact my time with my family. And then summer started. In the summer I love *even more* waking up at the crack of dawn to run because it’s actually quite magical out there. I mean, some days the sun is shining at 6am and it feels like it’s noon, but without all of the heat. And no one is around, just nature. Ah, nature.

Speaking of nature, did I mention we saw a bald eagle on our group run last week?  See it in the tree??


Since I’ve started coaching though, I’ve added 2 evening runs. Monday & Thursday nights are the training nights together. Don’t get me wrong, clearly I enjoy doing it, or I wouldn’t have signed up for it. I love getting together with a group and helping them achieve their goals. And it’s a challenging workout, so there’s nothing wrong with someone pushing me to pick up the pace! But…. here’s my schedule for my nights this upcoming week:

Mon – PR5K night
Tues – group run/cookout with Toledo Roadrunners (yeah, friends and dinner!!!)
Weds – PT for running (not running but THINKING about running)
Thurs – Daybreak Divas morning run, PR5K night (do a double, why not?!)
Fri – drive to Mohican state park (a rest day!!!)
Sat – run Mohican marathon!!
Sun – sit around camp in chair, not being able to move from exhaustion.

Seriously, just thinking about it makes me tired!!!

The part that makes me a bit bummed about the schedule is not having time to do the little things, like oh, taking my daughter shopping to find a bathing suit for summer! If you’ve never taken a teenage girl shopping, I can tell you it will wear you down like nothing else. Not for the first 3 stores you go do, but for the other 5 stores she just has to look at everything at, but ends up finding “nothing” she likes. You really need energy and a positive attitude to conquer those shopping trips!! But, I will somehow make it work sometime this week. I mean, the stores stay open until 9pm at the mall, and even later hours for Target and Walmart, right??  I can do it!

BTW, speaking of Sydney, she wanted me to showcase these cool giraffes she just made.  Cute huh?


I also feel like I just need a night to go home and do nothing. Just be home, maybe pick up the laundry I’ve dropped around my house in a rush or put away the kids school supplies (which have been sitting in a pile since their last day May 26th!). Or heck, just sit down and cuddle with my kittens.

On the plus side, I’m blessed to have activities to attend, with so many great people around, and being able to do the things I enjoy, so I’ll quit complaining now :)

Here’s an update from my last post about the neurogel my Dr prescribed for me:  It has part pain relief, another part to increase the blood flow in the area that it is used, and another part that helps deliver those two benefits better to that area (hey, the hiney is a “thicker” body part and the relief needs to get in deeper).  I decided to go ahead and order the gel, even though my insurance doesn’t cover it, but get a small amount to see how it works for me.  It doesn’t have a product name because it has to be compounded in a lab.  Exciting – I’ve never had a drug compounded for me before.  I never knew what those compounding businesses did!  Now we are both smarter!

Q: Are you busier in the Fall or Summer?

I used to think the Fall was crazy with school stuff and sports, but with coaching this summer I’m really crazy!

Q:  Do you have any Father’s Day plans?

I have convinced the kids to make dinner for Alan this year, so no cooking after my marathon on the weekend.  (smart, eh?)  And, my Dad will be watching my kids this weekend, so that’s a really good gift for him.  Or maybe not.  I still need to do some shopping!!

Q:  Have you ever had a prescription specially made for you?


  1. Drew Pearce

    Summer seems to be busier because of marathon training, outdoor concerts, beer festivals, and lawn maintenance. Schedule seems less hectic in the Fall with less structured running, no lawn mowing, and less social activities. Because our summers are so short and winter can be brutal, it seems there is a frantic rush to get a lot done ASAP. Lot of good concerts coming to Chicago this summer at Wrigley Field and other venues.

    • I’d love to go see a concert this summer. Haven’t done that in a while. You have such great places to go!! Also, glad I have kids old enough to mow the grass :)

  2. Thanks for explaining the neurogel! I didn’t realize your trail marathon was so soon. I hope you have an AWESOME time. :) I never took a teenage girl shopping but I hope to take my nieces shopping when they are older. :)
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Mail Day!My Profile

    • So far the forecast for the trail marathon is for some thunderstorms, and mid 80’s… following several days of rain. Should be nice and muggy and muddy!! 😉

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