Cross country season is on!!

This week was the first cross country meets for both of my kids.  This is the first year that my son has run cross country, but it’s my daughter’s 3rd year now.  They both started running with the team in early August.  My daughter’s schedule was quite impressive to me – 6 days a week during the summer!  Luckily they met in the morning, because those afternoon workouts are grueling in the heat of August.  They met at the school and at the park.

Here they are doing a time trial.


With my hamstring issues, she ran way more miles than I did this summer!  The hard work paid off because she got a PR at her first meet.  In high school they run a 5K  (I’m telling you this because this was all new to me!  When the kids started I didn’t even know what the difference was between “Track” and “Cross Country”!! Yep, newbie.).  Her time: 23:15   Hooray!


It was a pretty big invitational!


I love that she gets to wear a “real” running uniform this year :)


My son had his first meet earlier in the week.  He did well for his first meet too!  They run a 2 mile course.  He got 22nd in the race.  Yeah!!


The homestretch was on the track, after running around the yard.  He had a little extra left in the tank and was able to pass this guy at the end.  Very exciting to watch!  Speaking of watches, he just got his first Garmin too.  Now we can all compete (I mean, cheer each other on) on Strava!! :)


I’m looking forward to seeing the kids progress in their running this year.  And luckily they will be running at many of the same meets this year, so we won’t have to miss seeing either one race!

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Q:  Did you run in school, or do any organized sports?

I did not.  Band for me!

Q:  Which school did you prefer from your school days – college, high school or middle/primary school?

Q:  Do you ever attend any school reunions?


  1. Very exciting! And also cool that you won’t have to run to different sporting events for them, you can just go to one place! I did not play sports in HS or college. I hated sports. I was on track for a week and quit. :) I was in at least 2 musicals per year, usually three. I took piano and voice lessons, was in choir, and did marching band. Now I don’t do ANY of those activities, I run!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Weekend Wrap Up!My Profile

    • My HS had a marching band, but I really don’t remember participating in it. Granted, it was a looooong time ago, but I don’t think I did!
      I was glad to see the kids were at the same XC meets – although I am now finding that one will run around 11am and another at 3pm. Oh well, at least it’s one destination.

  2. I’m still impressed with the form! I tried so hard on my 8 miler yesterday to keep good form running but man, it’s tough!

    I didn’t start running until I was 30. Later in life for sure. I used to play CYO basketball in high school and football in gradeschool but it never really interested me too much. I preferred to work and pay for things (car, insurance, phone, etc). My parents were always good about “if you want something, you will work for it”.

    No school preference, I didn’t like any of them :) Does living in Germany in high school for a year count? If so, Junior year of High School….

    Haven’t ever attended a reunion and don’t plan on it. Not anti-social, but most people don’t change (in the 15 years since I graduated high school), and if I didn’t like them then, I probably won’t now. I know, I’m such a glass half full person lol.
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    • I am certain my feet never move up that high when I run! My pictures are usually looking like a fast shuffle 😉
      I’ve got you beat – I ran my first race when I was 41! Running was never my thing.
      I did go to my 30th high school reunion. It wasn’t too bad. I’m like you though – I don’t even put my maiden name on Facebook because I don’t need old classmates finding me!

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