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One of the things my family loves to do is explore.  We love to find different animals that live in the places we visit.  On our recent trip to Mexico we took a lot of walks around the resort.  Heck, the resort was almost a mile from one end of the beach to another!  There was a lot of land to explore!  The thing that surprised us the most in Mexico was number of squirrels!  I don’t think we saw any squirrels on our previous trips to Mexico, but we saw a lot of them this year.


That’s not very exciting, right?  Well how about monkeys??  Monkeys climbing up palm trees right outside your hotel window.  Yep, we had those!

IMG_2149 IMG_2148

I had NEVER seen a monkey at the resort before.  So cool!!  And how about some teeny, tiny hermit crabs?  Oh yeah, we found a TON of those.  It tickles your hand when the shy guys finally come out and they run around!


And can I interest you in a larger crab?  We rescued this guy from going swimming in our pool.  I’m sure he appreciated us airlifting him back to the beach!


Of course we also saw a ton of lizards and iguanas.  In fact, we even fed flowers to some of them!


But what about the creatures under the sea?  Does a shark sound good?  Sadly I don’t have a picture of them, but we did see a nurse shark and another larger shark one night as we walked on the pier.  We saw a wide array of fish while on our scuba dive, but we also had an excellent reef to snorkel at right at our beach.


We saw some of the best animals there.  Like this starfish… (missing a leg!)


The best animal we saw by far was this sea turtle!  I got to swim with him for several minutes.  So incredible to watch the turtle swimming so free through the ocean waters – and then he dived down and ate some of the “grass” on the ocean floor right in front of me!

Sea turtle

Here’s one that will leave you thinking next time you are swimming in the ocean… we found two stingrays in the sand about 3 feet under swimmers!  (the area that was too deep for people to stand up in)  Amazing!!!!


One more cool thing I found under the sea…. these sunglasses!!  They are my rock star shades to hid from the paparazzi.  Oh yeah, don’t be hating 😉


I hope you have enjoyed seeing the cool animals we saw on our vacation.  You can read “part 1” about some of our adventures on our Mexico trip here=>  Barcelo vacation.


Q:  Do you have a lot of squirrels where you live?

We have crazy ones that are always eating at our bird feeder.  We don’t mind!

Q:  Have you ever seen any of these animals on your vacation?

Q:  Do you enjoy snorkeling?


  1. we are infested with squirrels here!! Rabbits too!!! Raccoons! Beavers! It is like a freakin disney movie where I live!! LOL! 😀

    When I had my tahoe, the squirrels made a nest and left babies under the hood!!!!! Seriously, it is like 13 hours that I come home and then head back to work,,,,, how did they get a nest under the hood that fast?!!!! Crazy! They have been known to eat wires of cars too!!!! They get into air conditioners!!

    I LOVE your pics!! Cool animal pictures!!!! Looks like you had an amazing time!!!! We love going places where we can observe nature! My favorite is Kiawah Island, SC where there are alligators EVERYWHERE!! It is scary and amazing at the same time!!!!

    • The worst thing our squirrels do is raid our bird feeders. But they are so cute doing it, we don’t mind. We went to Gatorland in Florida on a trip. The baby alligators were so cute!!

    • We were amazed when we realized that all of the little shells by our feet had tiny little crabs in them! Well, either crabs or snails. There is a spot on the beach where the hotel protects any sea turtle eggs that were buried. I’d love to see them hatch!

  2. Are the monkeys wild monkeys or are they forced to stay in the resort? I loooove monkeys but only ever saw them at the zoo. Isn’t it sad that monkeys don’t live in the wild here? It would make trail running even more fun! So scary about the sting rays… but I would love to swim with seat turtles!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Weekend Wrap Up!My Profile

    • The monkey was totally free range! I was actually feeling a bit concerned because he was right on the beach on that palm tried, I was worried he would be scared by people. But it was early in the morning and by the time we walked back again he was gone. I think that was the highlight of my trip seeing a real monkey out in the “wild”!

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