Training Tues – 9/26 Columbus half edition

training tuesday

Welcome to my weekly recap.  I’m training for the Columbus Half Marathon, and I’ll be running a tune up race on October 1st, MacQueen’s Run for Your Life.  Hopefully the weather will be MUCH cooler for both of these events.  Here’s what went down with my workouts….

Mon – 4 miles treadmill, 10:45 pace.  I also got to bike along with the cross country team in the afternoon for their “hill run”.  It’s also called the “ice cream run” because it ends at the ice cream parlor.  That’s my kind of run!!


Tues – 4 miles with my running gang :)  9:20 pace.  We got together for our Moms/She Runs This Town group for a run and drinks.  The color theme was orange!  You know, a sunset run, fall colors.  Too cloudy for a sunset, but we had a good time anyways and enjoy some *delicious* food and drinks afterwards!


Drinks at Granite City.  Yum!!


BTW, I have to start calling it my “running” group because one time I said my “Moms running group” and my coworker thought I meant my “Mom’s running group”.  Picturing in my mind a bunch of old ladies right now….

Weds – 3 miles, “pace run”, 8:43 pace.  I’m so up in the air about my pace for the Columbus half.  I decided maybe 8:45 would be a good pace to shoot for, and even though I could run it for 3 miles, I did not feel confident that I could do 13.1 on race day!!  Was it the 2 beers I had last night with my running group?  Was it the high humidity??  Let’s go with the humidity 😉


Thurs – Rest day!  How you know you have selected the right mate – you both show up wearing the same race shirt for pizza/beer TV watching night.  Let’s be honest – my family lives in running shirts!!


Fri – Long Run, 12 miles, 10:00 pace.  I had the good luck of running with a friend for 8 miles of my long run.  It was good because I think I would have called it quits by mile 8 for sure!  It was so humid out, I was dying.  I needed several walk breaks during the last 4 miles of the run, but I got it done.  I started out wearing a tank top and skirt, but had to stop home to change into the minimal amount of clothes I felt covered me sufficiently!  I can’t stand to be hot when I run.


I even went for a cool down dip in my super cold pool, which needs to be closed for the season.


Sat –  Rest day!!  Big cross country meet at the campground, so we got to cheer on all of the runners and we camped for the weekend!  Feeling whipped from my long run still.


Sun – 4 miles, 9:20 pace.  Didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to run at the campground, so Alan and I hit the trails for an easy run.  It was a beautiful morning and I tested out my new Run Toledo singlet.  It was perfect in the heat!


Weekly total:  27.2   a little more than last week, and I’m still hanging in there.  It’s all good!

This week, I’m linking up with Steff of RunSteffRun on her weekly recap round up.


Q:  Do you wear a lot of race shirts or running related shirts?

My favorite line to Alan is when I advise him what to wear – “don’t wear anything with running, beer or ‘sucks’ on it”.  You know we’re going fancy when that dress code is in place!!

Q:  If you have a pool, is it closed yet?

Q:  How has your week been going??

Mine is a bit crazy, and it’s only Tuesday!  But hey, I got this out, so there’s that!


  1. Drew Pearce

    I have a closet full of both long-sleeve and short-sleeve race shirts. Unless I am required to dress more appropriately, I am usually schlepping around in a running shirt. I have just started back to running this week after taking all of last week off to recover from the marathon. Yesterday, legs felt great and I went out way too fast. Heat and humidity did me in before I finished even 5 miles. Little more conservative on the start today and ran 6 miles with a friend who is tapering for the Chicago Marathon. Still hot and humid here but change is coming tomorrow!

    • 20 degrees cooler this weekend is the early forecast! Crazy! I am all about a great race shirt. Most days of the week my kids will also be wearing running shirts. We’re raising them right. :)

  2. I pretty much live in race shirts and khaki shorts. I work from home so no need to dress up, and I don’t. In the winter I wear yoga pants or jeans instead of khaki shorts though!

    Glad you got some good runs and workouts in this week, and that you spent time at the XC race and the ice cream run. That sounds like a fun way to get kids to enjoy a hill workout!
    Amy Lauren recently posted…Weekly Rundown: September 18-24My Profile

    • I do have to dress “professional” (bank attire) 3 days a week for work, and I do like that. But it seems my closet only has “work” stuff, and “workout” stuff. I’m at a lack for fashionable going out on dates kind of clothes. Good thing most of my life revolves around running I guess!

  3. You’re really being consistent on the mileage with tiny increases here and there. Nice job! I went from 100 miles last month (Olander challenge) to maybe cracking 60 this month, but I’m also working on not burning myself out. I was totally done with running by the time Boy Scout Half was here.

    My t-shirt’s are divided into 3 piles: running, beer related, and other. Running is the largest pile…I’m always in a running shirt unless I’m visiting a brewery!

    We took our pool down very early September as I couldn’t keep it warm even with the solar cover. I did get the chance to swim Sunday however in a friends pool…and it was freezing even with being 90 out all week.

    Week has been..odd….new responsibilities at work to go on top of everything else just makes for a more challenging week. I did have a fantastic 4x1600m last night, so that’s a positive.

    Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing your results in Columbus.
    Dan Clark recently posted…Why can’t we be friends?My Profile

    • I look forward to me just crossing Columbus finish line without pain :) I think you will really like Columbus – it’s got a lot of energy. You do have a full plate of races this fall – it is easy to get burned out, take it easy!

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