Back at it, rainbows of shoes, and moving my space

I was going to wait a week after Columbus half to run again, but I was feeling the urge, so I ran 5 miles this morning.  I even decided to head out to my favorite bike trail to run – which ended up being a slightly dangerous idea!  I had a flashy light on, but I didn’t have any sort of light to illuminate the street in front of me, so by the time I had gotten out of my neighborhood, I was starting to get a bit worried that I could face plant in the dark!  Luckily that did not happen, but I did run through a busy section of road with not a lot of shoulder space.  Eek.  Will be taking along a headlamp again for sure!


Even though I wasn’t going as fast as I thought I might, I was loving the temps and the lack of humidity dragging me down made my run pretty awesome!  I even wore my new Columbus shirt and it gets the thumbs up for running, in addition to being great casual wear.


This week I also welcomed a new color of shoes into my running shoe collection…. blue/purple!!!  I thought they would pair quite well with my new Run Toledo singlet.  I don’t think I will be switched over to a blue scheme, but it is a fun change.


This doesn’t even include the duplicate shoes I have.  I think I have 2 pairs of the pink and purple Newtons in my rotation right now.


Another exciting thing happening this week is that my office at work is moving.  We are moving to a different building!!  I have been in my old building for a super long time.  I think I was pregnant with Zachary when we moved in there.  So yeah, like 13 years ago.  I spent the last week packing up all of my crap.  My space looks terrible because it was a temporary location until we found a new building.  I was in the process of packing.


I vow right now to make my new space MUCH nicer looking and purge a lot of stuff that I have accumulated over the many years I’ve worked at my job.  This is another fresh start and I’m looking forward to it.  Monday’s task will be to work through this pile of stuff.


Even though that view of my new desk isn’t that exciting, the view from my desk is quite pretty!  Tons of windows and light.  AND, the mall and a bike path & metropark are all within 2 miles of our building.  Sweet!

IMG_4089.HEIC (1)

My new building is so close to my house, I’m going to ride my bike there on Monday.  It’s only 3 miles away!!  I would run… but then I’d have to run back home after work.  And what would I do with my work clothes and lunch bag?  I would really have to prepare ahead of time for that, so I’ll give cycling a try instead.

Not sure that I’ll get around to another post this weekend, but I’ll let you see what my new space ends up looking like!  I will also be working packet pickup for Rock’tober Racing for Recovery 10K & 5K Friday afternoon.  Get this, the packet pickup will be DRIVE THROUGH!  It’s a new concept, so hopefully it goes well.  If you drive through on Friday, say Hi!! :)



How about you? Let’s chat…..

Q:  Have you ever moved to a different building at your job?

I will also be working this weekend moving our server.  Yep, fun IT job!

Q:  Have you ever commuted to work on a bike or running?

Q:  What is your primary shoe colors?



  1. Drew Pearce

    In 1997(?) we moved from the old Chicago Main Post Office to the new post office across the street. Can you imagine moving that entire facility while still providing daily mail service to all of Chicago? Fortunately I was only responsible for my office. I never ran or biked to work, but one of the faster guys in our club runs from his house to his job at least once a week. 10 miles each way. I am currently running in the Hoka Clayton which came in 3 colors – red, yellow, and blue. I bought one pair of each.

    • I don’t think I would mind the run TO work, but finding the energy to run back FROM work would be my issue. Well that, and we don’t have a shower at work! But I will give the bike thing a try at least once.
      That would be a huge move for the post office! I’m sure it was well organized, which is something that didn’t happen at our office. We had no idea when we were moving until a week before it happened! That’s just how we roll. :)

  2. I really loke all the colors yoi have going on in your shoes. My shoes are all pink and will be for the next 3 years since I bought like 7 pairs when they were on sale!

    That is exciting your work is moving and it sounds like a great location! I would love to walk, bike. Or run to work but it is 7.5 mi away which is just too long round trip plus no shower.

    I love the feeling of throwing crap.awau. I gotta do with desk stuff. The problem is, two.of my classroom walls have tall cabinets. I need them to store all my instruments and stuff but of course I end up saving stuff I don’t need. But what if I need it someday!!????
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…The Halloween CandyMy Profile

    • I’m trying hard to pare down my stuff at work, but I do have that sinking feeling that I’ll need it someday. Even though that is not true, and the technology is out of date… but you just never know! (ok, you do know. It’s old!) It’s a hard thing to do.

  3. I love your shoes! I like having different colors of them for coordinating outfits sometimes, but it’s hard when you want both racing shoes and trainers. I’ve been known to run a race wearing heavier shoes just to match or be festive, though (those fun Brooks Launch Victory edition with the stars on them are great for patriotic races).

    I have only moved desks a few times in my working career. One was when I changed jobs. One was when I moved to a coveted “window seat” at my current company, which I only kept for a little while because then I started working from home. I’ve actually changed desks more times in the past few years because of moving homes rather than office buildings!
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Avondale 5K (21:44)My Profile

    • Now that I think about it, I really don’t have any trainers vs racing shoes. I wear them for all occasions. Although I would say my Kinvaras feel lighter than my Newtons, but they are both pretty lightweight.
      This new office is the 4th building I have worked in for my company! So far I like the looks of it the best. The windows are super pretty. Do you like working from home?

  4. Alan Willford

    I think in my 13 years at Dana, we moved something like 8 times. Everytime it was a good chance to purge stuff, but a lot of people didn’t even bother unpacking their boxes because they knew that in 6-12 months we might move again. I think I had even more bosses in that timeframe as well!

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