Busy weekend recap

It was a crazy busy weekend around my house. It was homecoming week at our schools, so both of the kids got into the action of that event. But before I get into that, here’s the bad thing that was happening this week… my dad is back in the hospital! I’ve mentioned the issues with his knee replacement that happened earlier this year – he got an infection in Dec 2016 and had the replacement hardware removed from his knee, had some issues, and then had the replacement surgery done in March 2017. Turns out the infection is back and they had to take out the latest replacement hardware again!! I will not share the video, but when they cut into his knee, something squirted out 3 inches into the air like a volcano, or a scene from Alien. OMG, sooooo gross. Anyhow, he’s in the hospital for 10 days recovering with a spacer in his knee. Hopefully months from now they will be able to do the knee replacement surgery again, but no guarantees. It’s just a mess. :(  Not a life threatening issue, but certainly a quality of life issue for both my Dad and Mom.  Here’s Dad in PT.  He’s doing well at it!


Friday we went to the high school football game. The Jr High band joined the High School band on the field at half time. Our marching band is pretty dang awesome and has won many awards for their performances. I think our band was 3 times larger than the visiting team’s band!!

They played We Got the Beat (Go-Go’s). They did a really good job. Here is my son strategically located under the handy red arrow. He had a lot of fun performing. After their performance they had a school lock-in – which lasted until midnight!! Luckily Alan picked him up from that event because I had to get Sydney to her last cross country meet at 7am on Saturday. Not sure why, but 7am seemed super early!!

So Saturday took us on a trip over to the cross country meet. Not her best race, but still a decent race for Sydney to end out the season. And the weather was downright Fall-like and chilly around here this past weekend!


Saturday night was the homecoming dance. As a freshman, this was Sydney’s first homecoming dance. She went with friends and I was so happy they did her hair – it looked awesome! I’m pretty much clueless with hairstyling, which is why I have straight hair which is either flat ironed, or up in a ponytail :)  (she’s on the right….)



Sunday was race day for me, and it started very early with volunteering duties. I’ll recap this race later, but I’ll leave you with this spoiler alert… it was a good day and I got upgraded to an age group award :)


The rest of Sunday was just chilling and we made a trip to get apple cider slushes. Have you had one? I’m not a huge slushie fan, nor an apple cider fan, so I give it a “take it or leave it” rating. It was good, but I would not make it a priority to go get one again.
Q:  How was your weekend? Did you do any Fall activities?

We should have gone to the pumpkin patch.  Have you picked out a pumpkin yet?

Q: Has it been homecoming around your town? See lots of kids going out to dinner??

Q:  How long does it take you to do your hair? Do you wash it every day?
After I run I’m lucky that I can just “blow dry the sweat” most days. Washing it only every 3rd day or so. Ponytails are quite handy for procrastinating on hair care!! 😉


    • The 7th & 8th graders just joined the high school band for this performance, so they were just wearing jeans and blue band shirts. For every band student in 9th -12th, they are automatically in marching band unless they have fall sports (like Sydney does). Sydney could have just performed at parades with the marching band, but she opted not to. Too busy with cross country. I hope Zach gives the parades a try when he’s a freshman, but I hope he’s in cross country too! Our band doesn’t start until 5th grade, and the numbers do decline each year, but we have a very solid marching band. This is a long video, but you can see our Marching Generals in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYr9rrjC8lM

  1. I love the pics from Homecoming and the XC meet! I hated high school so much but now am kinda jealous of the kids going to dances and things… to be young and innocent and carefree again, you know? It’s super busy for you parents though. I was in band in high school, but the program got cut years ago so now my high school has no band. It’s really sad :(.

    Love the shirt from the race- it looks like a really fun one especially with Halloween coming up!
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    • High school had some pretty awkward times for me, so I cringe when I think about everything I went through during those years (oh the mean girls!!!). I enjoyed college much more! Fingers crossed my kids will get through all of the tough times successfully. Wish I could shield them from all of that stuff, but I know I can’t.
      That’s a bummer about band at your high school. I didn’t join marching band, but it seems like a really fun time at my kids school – I should have done it!

  2. You did great with the hair!! All the girls look so lovely :)
    Your poor dad, hopefully this is the last time and he can heal up and enjoy himself more.
    I do wash every day and it takes forever to dry my hair, so half time I put it up wet.

    • I sure hope he gets his knee fixed up too – for both of my parents sake!
      My hair has been so crazy lately. Confession- the last time I washed it was Sunday! Two days of dry shampoo, and one ponytail day and I was good to go. I’m not complaining!!

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