Halloween run with Moms/She Runs this Town

A Halloween run? A little late, but better late than never, right :) Our local Moms/She Runs This Town group has been getting an A+ for planning, and executing, monthly get togethers (or as my husband says “what, you’re going out with them again??”. hahaha!). Kudos to Sarah for being a great organizer!


For the October run it was Halloween themed of course. And since the days are getting shorter, it was an all dark, spooky night run! But no worries, because Alan let me borrow his headlamp which is like wearing a car headlight. Seriously, it’s like a ray straight from the sun. We dressed up in costumes too. Look at me, I borrowed Sydney’s costume from last year. (I’m so happy Sydney and I are wearing the same shoe size and shirt size these days!!)


And when I put my reflective top on, we turned into the dynamic duo!! Her outfit was Identity Theft, but it looks like I was the one who really did the robbing on that one.  Hilarious coincidence!!!


The first stop along the way was a spooky old hotel which may, or may not, have been haunted! It sure looked haunted to me because it was abandoned. It creeped me out!

We ran around the town and enjoyed the town’s holiday decorations. I love the look of orange lights. We are totally doing that next year at our house.


Next stop, Elm Street! Spooky, right??


Final stop…. taco Tuesday at the restaurant! Not spooky in any way, but delicious! Margaritas were also on special, so Yes Please!!


After enjoying lively conversation, food and drinks, we got to go for a ride down the slide. Yep, they have an old school metal spiral slide in the restaurant! The only bad part was when I got to the bottom I jammed my finger on a joint in the metal and it REALLY hurt. That stupid thing made my hand hurt for at least a week! But I don’t have any hard feelings, I’ll be sliding again next time I go :) [editor note: Alan claims I hurt my hand because I was out partying, drinking margaritas, but that’s not the case. I’m a responsible person, who is just a little clutzy.]


If you happen to be a woman (SORRY GUYS!) and live close to Toledo, let me know and you can join our group too. We’ve got 407 members now and are always welcoming new ladies who’d like to run! We have a very active Facebook page – no group runs required, but we’d love for you to join us there too, for kudos or consolations, whichever you need :)

Q: Did you dress up for any Halloween parties/runs/events this year?

Q: Drink preference at a Mexican restaurant: margarita (regular or strawberry), beer, or other?

Q: Do you own many reflective running clothes, or rely on something like a reflective vest if you are running in the dark?


  1. They have a slide in the restaurant!? That’s fun! I love just a normal margarita if I get Mexican. So freaking good. That’s a creative idea for the Halloween run. I wonder what kind of spooky places are around here… I put on cat ears, a tail, and whiskers for work on Halloween but that is it. Our friends who normally have a party were on vacation this year. Boo hoo!

  2. We were on a cruise this Halloween and we did dress up! I didn’t do any costumed runs this year although I did run a race where a lot of people ran in costume (I would do it for a 5K but not a half! I don’t know how people run in costumes for halves and fulls, especially with fueling and gels). I love that you guys stopped around town and took pics then went out for tacos after- tacos are the best way to refuel and recover after a run!
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