Training Tuesday – GCM half edition, 2/13/18

Happy Fat Tuesday! Or Galentines Day, to all of my sole sisters out there 😉

I didn’t even realize my Training Tuesday post wasn’t ready to go until early this morning… because no, I don’t have my laptop working yet :( So it’s another post from my phone. Waaaaa! But after shelling out some $$$$$ at the Apple store, my MacBook is on its way back from repair today, so a joyful reunion is scheduled for later this week. Yahoo!!

Back to running topic now…. miles run last week – 20. Something like that. You know, lack of computer, lack of knowledge!!

Here’s what went down –

Monday – XT day. 35 mins of walking on the treadmill (2.03 miles). I am having a hard time feeling like this is really cross training, but I don’t mind spending time watching TV in the morning! After a weekend of skiing I didn’t want to do anything speedy or climb hills. Not breaking a sweat, but I am getting my steps in and my legs moving!

Tuesday – Speedwork day! 4.2 miles. I was going to sub for the MIT training group at Track night again for this workout, but it turned out that the track was closed! So, no track night. I was bummed about this, but in retrospect I was probably dodging a bullet on this workout because I’m not so sure I could have kept up with the paces the group was running. For my own workout (30 min tempo run), I ran on my treadmill and got up to 8:49 for 10 mins. That was exhausting. I didn’t stop though, and made it through the workout – and even did a mile cool down afterwards. But, for the rest of the night I felt cold, like I overdid it (not to mention my laptop broke, which is a whole other story!!!).

Wednesday – Rest day! I did my PT exercises, which I didn’t feel like doing on Tues :). (Eek, my head is missing!!)

Thursday – 10 miles, @ 10:00 pace. This run started out pretty good – as they always do, right? Haha! After a few miles I decided to go on to the snowy paths which proved to be my downfall. Was sore for **DAYS** afterwards. Ugh.

Friday – XT day! Super sore quads from my long run. I walked on the treadmill and watched Celebrity Big Brother. I’ve never been a follower of this show, but I was intrigued by the Celebrity aspect. It was pretty good! Also, I’m able to lift weights again. No sore arm. Hallelujah!!

Saturday – XT day. Was STILL sore from my Thursday run. Decided that walking it out would feel better than resting, so more treadmill walking and Big Brother watching. Interesting show, but it’s long! I actually don’t even follow the strategy side of the show! I just can’t figure all of that stuff out. I just like to watch them compete and interact with each other.

Instead of running, I was a course marshal at a 5K. The Get Luckey race (in Luckey OH) where the ladies get to start 3 mins ahead than the guys. Guys chasing girls. Fun!!

Sunday – 6 TM miles, 9:51 pace. My plan said 5 miles, but I decided to bump it up to 6 so I could get over 20 miles this week. Getting a random mileage total is proving to be quite hard when I only have 3 scheduled running days! Was still a bit sore from the long run. Bleh.

Hope you are having a great week so far!


Q: do you give up anything for Lent?

Nope I don’t. Just being nosy to see if you do :)

Q: do you follow the strategies and plots of shows and movies?

I am mostly pretty clueless and just watch for entertainment value. Alan can tell me what’s going to happen in shows/movies three steps ahead of what’s going on! Just not in my skill set I guess!


  1. I’m not particularly religious, so I don’t give up anything for Lent or observe it. This year, I vow to waste even more time on social media for everyone I know who is giving it up (Also mini rant, had a friend tell me she was giving up Facebook for Lent, then tell me to keep her up to date on all the fun things going on. IMHO, this is a consequence of giving up Facebook- live with missing out on things or just don’t give it up).

    Glad you had a good week of workouts! I’m with you on sometimes adding an extra mile or something to reach a different number. I try not to be like that but it is fun especially say, 19 to 20. It feels like a big milestone and that kinda pumps you up for the next week of training.
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  2. I am sorry you took a spill. I was still sore a month later from my is so annoying. The long run after the hard speed work probably got you! You did great though, you are powering on.

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