About Me

So… about me.  Well, I’m a mother of 2, wife, runner, digital scrapbooker, type A personality who loves to keep lists and keep busy.  If I’m not working on one project, I’m probably volunteering for another!  But running keeps my life balanced.

I call it TechChick Adventures, because to my coworkers, I’m a computer extraordinaire!  And I think life should always be an adventure :)

Running the Boston marathon has always been the Olympics of the everyday runners in my mind.  I never once imagined that I would every qualify to run it when I started running, but as my running progressed, it became an almost unobtainable goal for me.  Chasing that unicorn they say.  But after several attempts… I did it!  I BQ’d in September 2014.  A very special day because it qualified me for both 2015 AND 2016.  I’m not sure if I’ll make the cut for 2016, but I’m in for 2015.  Not only was running Boston 2015 the greatest because I was with the greatest guy ever (my husband Alan!), that day was extra special because it is was my 47th birthday!!  Please read my race recaps to get the full scoop :)

So come along with me on my adventures.  Let’s hope it’s a good trip!

I can be reached at: