My day, the brief version…

Woke up early.  Ran those hills.  They tend to be a bit easier when I haven’t run 12 miles first!! Started moving network equipment at work.  Lots and lots of wires to plug and replug! Went to the gym.  Did some weights as planned.  YEAH me!! Got back to work.  Spent the afternoon relocating 8 … [Read more…]

Sunny day and Goodbye

Let’s start out with some more awesome things… I found a bag of chocolates in my desk drawer when I was packing up my stuff to move.  That’s like finding $5 in your jeans! I got out for a run today.  Yep, outside!!  Last night before I went to bed I got a text from … [Read more…]

Day of awesomeness

The day sure flies when it’s awesome!  After getting the kids to the bus, it was treadmill time.  Long run time, with lots of TV shows to watch.  First, I ran slow and tried to read a magazine.  Fail!  Not sure how people do that.  The weather was nice outside today, and I thought about … [Read more…]