Boston, day 2!

Day 2 in Boston involved some sight seeing.  We were going to go for a short run along the river this morning, but my feet were tired this morning so we just decided to sleep in instead.  We were pretty lazy – didn’t get around to breakfast until after 10:30.  I decided to treat myself … [Read more…]

We have arrived!

To recap my day…  Walked down to the finish line  Had a few samples at the expo…      Love the excitement of the city!!  Saw someone famous!! (But didn’t want to wait in long line to meet her, so I took this stalker pic instead)  Best shot of the day!   Had a bunch of … [Read more…]

Run much?… and packing it up

I had an interesting find this week.  I realized that only 5 years ago, in April, I had run my first half marathon.  My first!  Only 5 years ago.  That made me really reflect on my running.  Some background on me – I never participated in sports in school.  In fact, I hyperventilated when we … [Read more…]

2 years later…

Today we received something very special in the mail. It is a scarf from last year’s Boston marathon scarf project.  I spoke to the person who knitted this just the other day, and there it was – rushed to us from Los Angeles!  What a super kind and meaningful thing.  When we were in Boston … [Read more…]