An email from the BAA and Bunco night

Let me start out with… OMG, the Boston Marathon is sending an email to ME!!  It did give me chills… especially when I looked at that picture of *all* of those runners at mile 26.  My only thought, “oh God, I hope I don’t trip!!”.  But as I read further, I start to get VERY … [Read more…]

Purple on my mind

The theme for today is…. purple!  Today’s workout was 8 miles with 10 x .1 strides.  So for the last 2 miles of my run I pumped up the speed on the TM starting at 7.3 (8:13) ending my last fastest interval at 8.3 (7:14).  Recovery in between was at a 9:30 pace.  I also … [Read more…]

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday to all!  I was enjoying my MLK holiday today.  I was watching the latest episode from Black-ish and they called MLK “Black Skiing Day”.  I had to chuckle at that one.  We did our skiing over the weekend, and drove home last night.  We wanted to have a day off to relax at … [Read more…]

Skiing recap

After our long day of skiing on Saturday we went to a festival at Bay Harbor, called the Ice and Spice festival. The “spice” was a chili contest.  They had incredible carved ice sculptures!    The ice photo booth was a bit chilly! The fireworks at the end of the festival were great! Then we … [Read more…]