Winter wonderland!

I started my day a little cranky, with a lot on my mind.  Opening an email with the charges for my physical therapy appointments didn’t help it any.  I’d like to know why charges for the physical therapist are always a great mystery and they can’t seem to tell you how much it’s going to … [Read more…]

The sound of silence

Today’s plan was 8 miles with hills.  And getting up at 5:15 to get that done.  However, that didn’t quite happen.  Instead I woke up at 6am when Sydney crawled into bed with us!  Apparently when I turned off the alarm yesterday I accidentally either turned down the volume on the radio or changed the … [Read more…]

What did you say Mom?

I was trying to do some stretches this morning on the treadmill, but the soles of my Newtons don’t really work quite so well on this move!  Just an easy 5 miles on the schedule today – but wow, my legs were sore from yesterday’s run!  Whenever I run outside I find that I typically … [Read more…]

Running with coyotes!

We were all going to run a free club run, the Donut Dash, this morning.  But, due to our late night of partying, the bed magnet won at our house and we all slept in… until 8:30.  That seemed really late.  They we ate a bunch of pancakes.  A very nice thing to do on … [Read more…]