Goodbye Marv

Last night a very special man passed away. It was my father in law, Marv. He was always so sweet to me and made me laugh, just like Alan does. But he missed his wife so much, and wanted to be with her. He passed away peacefully with his kids by his side. We will … [Read more…]

Not as we planned

Our ski trip up North ended up being canceled due to the condition of my FIL. We drove up to Boyne City and went to some resale shops. We bought a pair of ski boots for Sydney. They were quite a deal at $10. I also bought a Christmas village house with lights and movement! … [Read more…]

My first PT visit

Today is a rest day from running.  It’s Christmas Eve!  I had my first appointment with the physical therapist for my knee.  I feel like such a whiner talking about my knee, when there is hardly any pain.  I just have this lurking feeling that if I don’t address it, something terrible will happen. The … [Read more…]