Wedded Bliss Wednesday – 25 years!!


Ok, let’s be honest – being married isn’t wedded bliss 24/7.   Everyone knows that.  It has it’s challenges, just like getting along with any other person does (my kids!).  But I am happy to report we are celebrating 25 years together!!  Hooray to that!!  Being married to your best friend really does make it … [Read more…]

Training Tues 9/12 – Columbus half edition

Hello everyone!!  Before I get into the workout recap I must tell you…. Alan and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary today!!  Wow, right?!  Here’s a shot of our wedding day.  Sorry for the blurry pic – it’s a tiny little picture that sits on my desk.  But you get the point… we haven’t … [Read more…]

My Fall race calendar


Happy Friday!!  The weather is turning cooler – which means it’s Race Time here in Ohio!!  Fall marathons are the bomb.  Love that feeling you get midway through your training cycle when you’re endured weeks and weeks of hot sweaty humid summer runs, and then you get that first run with a chill in the … [Read more…]