How brave are you?


We recently went to the water park at Cedar Point.  Formerly Soak City, now rebranded as Cedar Point Shores.  They did add some new attractions at the water park, like the one I have to tell you about… Point Plummet. Plummet.  Yes, Plummet. Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this before or not, but I … [Read more…]

Triple play of interesting things!


I have a few interesting things to show you today.  Three things that are just kind of different, so I had to share! Interesting thing I saw on a run! I went on a group run recently with my friends.   Along the route we ran across the oddest thing I’ve seen yet – a crawfish!!  I … [Read more…]

Mud Hens game in the big city


Isn’t that view just awesome?  That’s the view from our seats at the Mud Hens game recently. I think I like sitting in that area behind home plate because I’m always amazed at the number of balls they hit into the stands!  I feel protected behind the mesh.  Of course we don’t get a lot … [Read more…]

Running lately… hammies edition


I bet you are wondering what’s up with my running lately.  Me too.  To recap, in early June I got a diagnosis from my sports Dr that I have high hamstring tendinitis.  It’s a pain that gets worse based on the work load, or depending if I’m sitting vs standing.  It gets to be downright … [Read more…]