Catching up, weekend fun


It was a whirlwind weekend… which seemed to carry on to a whirlwind week too! My weekend started out with a hair appt.  Nothing special, but since I wait 12-14 weeks between my hair highlighting, I felt like a million bucks when I walked out of the salon.  It was waaaaaaay overdue! It was appropriate … [Read more…]

Columbus half marathon 2017 recap


When I saw the theme on my Columbus marathon shirt, I had to laugh.  This race was indeed Memorable! How could I forget… The cheap hotel which put us right next to loud road construction and the smell of asphalt (which luckily didn’t drift into our room). The race was 68 degrees with 93% humidity … [Read more…]

TRRC Fall Officer’s Bash, and that stupid thing I did

Tuesday night was the Toledo Roadrunners Club Fall Officer’s Bash.  Long name, short race!  It’s actually just a 5K “fun run” that my family has participated in for several years now.  Following the run is dinner, drinks and a super short club meeting.  As a member family, we get all of that for just $5!  … [Read more…]