Training Tues – 9/5 Columbus half edition


Training Tuesday!  6 more weeks until the Columbus half marathon, and I am seeing some renewed hope.  Most of it has to do with realignment of expectations and goals.  Am I sad that my “comfortable” pace is now around 1:30 slower than what I was training for a year ago?  Maybe.  BUT, am I happy … [Read more…]

Cross country season is on!!


This week was the first cross country meets for both of my kids.  This is the first year that my son has run cross country, but it’s my daughter’s 3rd year now.  They both started running with the team in early August.  My daughter’s schedule was quite impressive to me – 6 days a week … [Read more…]

The rush of XC!

I had some other things to ramble on about for today, but that will just have to wait because I have the most exciting story to share with you!  It’s all about the last Cross Country meet of the season for my daughter.  I may have mentioned a million times that my daughter is running … [Read more…]