May Goals


Hello May!!  Wow, May already.  The countdown is on. My kids only have 4 more weeks of school left! Yikes! While April was a blur, May will be a time for me to refocus. I’ve thought of a few goals I have for May…. 1) Fix the sore hamstring/glute issue. Sure, this one is a … [Read more…]

Training Tuesday 2/14/17 – GCM edition!

Happy Tuesday everyone – and happy Valentine’s Day!!  Hope it’s just a pile ‘o love where ever you are! Weekly Stats: Training for:  Owens Corning Half marathon @ the Glass City Marathon Days of running: 4 Miles run: 35 Yoga:  many minutes! Gym visits: 2  Monday 8 miles “endurance”, 10:00 pace  – treadmill run this morning. … [Read more…]

Yoga back on the plan


When I think about race training in a large scope, I think of the standard things listed in a training book – a plan is more than just the miles, it’s also stretching, warm ups, cool downs, cross training and strength training.  Then I think about what I could possibly doing better.  Better to both … [Read more…]

Kettlebells… friend or foe?


Blog post:  AKA, The day I broke my legs With great ambition I wrote on my weekend to-do list “do kettlebell workout”.  I saw some great looking workouts on Kristina’s blog.  Kristina gives me inspiration to stick with weightlifting and strength training.  She’s dedicated! I got a kettlebell for Christmas, so I was looking forward … [Read more…]