Thursday is the new Friday!


Due to a modified work schedule and the holiday last week, today is the first Thursday I get to spend “not at work”!  Yep, it’s my day off!  I used to have only Friday off, but now it’s Thursday and Friday.  I was quite giddy figuring out how I was going to spend my new … [Read more…]

Training Tuesday recap – cold temps, broken body


It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekly workout recap, so I thought it was time. Training for:  Nothing yet! Miles run last week: 13.1 Fri & Sat – Back at the end of 2017, we took a short ski trip.  2 days of skiing fun!  We had a good time, as always.  My … [Read more…]

New year, new job, new schedule!


What an interesting fortune to get in my cookie! 2018 is all about new beginnings…. so I’m starting out with a few!  I’ve got a new job!  This is my first week at my new job, and so far it’s been good.  Well technically, it’s a shift of employment.  Let me explain… I’ve worked at … [Read more…]

Christmas recap


Did you have a good Christmas??  I know, it seems like it was WEEKS ago, but it was only a few days ago!  Funny how they play Christmas music for weeks (months maybe??) before Christmas, but then stop playing it the day after Christmas!  We keep our decorations up until the first week of January … [Read more…]