Sorry to share bad news :(

Although I like to think my blog is a source of motivation and entertainment, it’s also a great outlet for my current thoughts and feelings.  I like to keep it real here, and share my struggles as well as my achievements with everyone, because that’s life.  Highs and lows.   Well this past weekend we … [Read more…]

Wedded Bliss Wednesday – 25 years!!


Ok, let’s be honest – being married isn’t wedded bliss 24/7.   Everyone knows that.  It has it’s challenges, just like getting along with any other person does (my kids!).  But I am happy to report we are celebrating 25 years together!!  Hooray to that!!  Being married to your best friend really does make it … [Read more…]

Training Tues – 8/29 Columbus half edition


Let’s see – when we left off last week, I was about ready to just throw in the towel for my half marathon training.  Running should not be this uncomfortable.   This week, I had a pretty crazy workout week! Mon – 4 miles outside.  This was an exhausting run. Wasn’t trying to run fast or … [Read more…]