The countdown is on! (eek!!)


I can’t believe there’s only 5 days until Christmas!!  Sadly our snow has melted, so it’s not still looking like a winter wonderland around here.  My fingers are crossed that we might see some more snow by Monday though!! We’ve had all of our Christmas parties.  My side of the family got together this past … [Read more…]

Epic trip travel planning


Have you ever planned an “epic trip”? We’re in the process of planning one right now. I tend to be the travel planner around our house. We think of ideas together and I research and make the arrangements. The trip we are planning right now is a big one…. “All American Epic Road Trip Out … [Read more…]

December Daily, gifts, and more!

I mentioned a few posts ago that I have a detailed system for organizing my pictures at home.  Being the techies that we are at my house, we have a file server which holds all of our shared files, like documents, Quicken data and pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures!  The end of the year … [Read more…]