That familiar feeling

I know when it’s coming.  It starts out as that little ominous tickle, itch, or pain in the roof of my mouth.  I know it will turn into a cold.  It started on Friday morning.  I was a little concerned for my long run, but it was fine.  Saturday morning, my throat was as little … [Read more…]

My adventures in yoga, and a cookfest

We watched the Kids Baking Challenge last night and it actually inspired my kids to help out in the kitchen!  I think it was an eye opener for them to see kids their own age preparing food and whipping up meals.  That led me to recruit them to help put our dinner together which was … [Read more…]

Back in the swing of things

Bright and early on the treadmill this morning.  Speaking of bright and early, we were treated to a breath taking sunrise on our way to the airport on Sunday.  The sun was rising up over the Continental Divide.  Ahhh.  It really did look much better than this picture shows… through our dirty car window. With … [Read more…]

Skiing Breck

We skied at one of our favorite resorts today. We were pretty tired this morning. It was such a long trip here. We arrived around 7:30 pm at the airport, but it took at least a half hour to get our skis unloaded. They need more employees unloading luggage! After we got our rental car … [Read more…]