Happy Valentine’s Day!

2015-02-14 19.59.26

I hope you had a great Valentine’s day!  That was my gift to my sweetie Alan.  It was going to be just a card to begin with, but then I thought it would like nice in a black frame, so I just make it into a print instead.  I think it really turned out nice. … [Read more…]

Running with my bestie!

The kids sleepovers went well yesterday, although we had some tired kids today!  Alan ran a 20 miler at the park this morning, and then I was able to get out for my run.  Technically it was a rest day, but I just couldn’t pass up and opportunity to run with my BRF (Best Running … [Read more…]

Level 3 and the Gold Chair


When I woke up this morning our yard was blanketed in this wonderful snow!  And, there was still a level 3 snow emergency.  That meant no one was going anywhere (especially not to work).  I slept in a little, then ran 9 miles on the treadmill.  I warmed up for a few miles and then … [Read more…]

Short but sweet Sunday

I was going to tell you all about my renewed faith and inspiration with running outside today and how great it was to run with other people, but instead, my run date didn’t happen!  I do take comfort in knowing that my friends are a lot like me and when we looked outside at the … [Read more…]