Rest days and pace runs

Thursday morning started with an oddity.  I actually turned off my alarm in the morning, and declared out loud “It’s official, I’m taking an unscheduled rest day!”.  Then went back to sleep. Oh my.  That is not something I do.  Let me back up a little… the night before: drinks with my friends.  Really, it … [Read more…]

Training Tuesday – Glass City Marathon week 15, 1/12/16

I’ve decided I need to start labeling my training posts with the number of weeks left.  I thought that would really freak help me out.  Love to see those weeks count down, right?  Ok, maybe not always. Training week 16 was “meh”.  One thing I need to keep in mind, is that my plan is … [Read more…]

Training Tuesday – Glass City Marathon 1/5/16 edition

Good news and bad news this week.  First, the really good news… I switched my blog to a new hosting company!  Well, it’s really good news because you are reading this, so we can all assume the move went well.  It’s a long story, but I thought I could simply move my site back to free … [Read more…]