Training Tuesday – GCM edition, Happy New Year!

2017-01-01 00.01.25

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you had an entertaining NYE.  We played Life, watched the movie Storks, ate appetizers, and toasted in 2017.  Gotta say, the performers on the “ball drop” shows were not my jam.  But I do dislike Mariah Carey so it was fun to see her technical difficulties!!  😉   As … [Read more…]

Training Tues. Glass City Marathon – 12 days to go!

When I look at my training plan for Glass City, it really feels like it’s over at this point!  We are heading to Boston this weekend to cheer on my husband as he runs his 6th Boston Marathon.  The weekend is looking awesome!   BTW, If you don’t already follow me on Facebook, head over … [Read more…]

Training Tuesday – Glass City marathon 3 more weeks!

Technically it’s a little shorter than 3 weeks, but in terms of my training calendar, we are getting down the last few weeks.  My training plan actually calls these the “Endurance” phase of my plan.  It’s shorter distance runs, but peppered with more speedwork than I’ve done in the earlier part of my plan.  I’m … [Read more…]