Week 2 of Hansons complete

Today marks my second week on the Hansons training plan.  I have to say it’s been quite different, as it should!  First a disclaimer – I’m still dealing with glute/hamstring pain, but any of the “difficulties” I have been experiencing have been related to that previous injury, not caused by my new plan.  Although I … [Read more…]

Visit to the “running” PT

After visiting my sports Dr, he suggested that I go to PT and get some exercises to do at home to help alleviate the pain I’ve been struggling with in my glutes.  I do several exercises directly related to the hips and glutes now (Myrtle routine), but I figured some professional help could guide me … [Read more…]

LOTS of new stuff around here!

So let’s talk about what’s NEW with me… NEW coach! NEW training plan! NEW efforts at eliminating glute pain NEW goal race! Coach… Now, let me clarify.  I didn’t “fire” my husband as a coach… although he may tell you otherwise!  We discussed my interest in giving something new a try, and we decided that … [Read more…]