Marathon #10 – Glass City Marathon 2016

Yep, marathon number 10 is now on the books.  I had great hopes for this race.  I hoped to finish in 3:50, which would give me a BQ – 5 mins, and I would spend my summer concentrating on shorter races, lazy leisurely summer morning runs, and go for a new PR in the Columbus … [Read more…]

Training Tuesday – Glass City marathon 3 more weeks!

Technically it’s a little shorter than 3 weeks, but in terms of my training calendar, we are getting down the last few weeks.  My training plan actually calls these the “Endurance” phase of my plan.  It’s shorter distance runs, but peppered with more speedwork than I’ve done in the earlier part of my plan.  I’m … [Read more…]

Ed Dibble run recap – 22 miles (give or take)

My last really long run on my training schedule was 20 miles, and that coincided nicely with the training run put on by the Toledo Roadrunners and Dave’s Running shop.  I chose to run the 22 mile distance, because I just feel that better prepares me for the 26.2 miles that lies ahead of me … [Read more…]

Training Tuesday – Glass City Marathon, 4 more weeks!

4 more weeks to go!!  Woot!!  4 more weeks for me means only one more really long run, and then it’s all cutting back from there.  I’m hoping that cut back in distance will give some much needed relief in the sore glutes area.  Regarding that issue, I’ve been doing more PT exercises and stretches … [Read more…]