The waiting game

The BAA announced yesterday that for sure they would not be able to accept all runners who registered for the Boston Marathon.  They are crunching numbers and verifying finish times right now, and by Weds we’ll get to find out who made it in.  My mindset has switched from sad to disappointed, because I’m pretty … [Read more…]

Oh the pain!

As my taper starts for the Erie marathon I start to think of all of the things I could have done during this training cycle.  Should I have pushed a lot harder during that speedwork a few weeks ago?  [probably]  Should I have ran slower on my long runs and focused on endurance? [maybe]  Should … [Read more…]

Adventures in Traverse City & Mackinaw

I’m interrupting my recap of Punta Cana because I got sidetracked with the pictures from the camping trip we just took!  We took a trip up North to Traverse City, Michigan, this past weekend.  The highlight included a day at Mackinac Island.  Complete with lots of fudge!  It’s a specialty of the island.  We had … [Read more…]