Training Tues. Glass City Marathon – 12 days to go!

When I look at my training plan for Glass City, it really feels like it’s over at this point!  We are heading to Boston this weekend to cheer on my husband as he runs his 6th Boston Marathon.  The weekend is looking awesome!   BTW, If you don’t already follow me on Facebook, head over … [Read more…]

Getting the crown(s)

I’ve been laying low on the running this week.  I ran on Monday, and my foot was still being irritable.  Same area as my previous injury, so I guess it’s just a continuation of my sesamoiditis.  Which is a bummer because I let my foot rest for 3 whole days!  I think 3 days is … [Read more…]

Everything is going to be OK

Exciting foot news – I almost canceled the Dr. appointment that I had scheduled for my foot because the pain was pretty minor on Thursday.  But after he poked around at my foot, ouch!, it hurt the rest of the day!!  And then the most exciting thing happened… he did say that I had Sesamoiditis, … [Read more…]