Training Tuesday 3/21/17 – GCM edition

Happy Tuesday everyone!  My weekend just flew by, and I didn’t even get to mention what I’ve been up to.  But, without further ado, here’s how training has been going.  I would say the word of the week is:  frustrating!  Argggggggh!  Weekly Stats: Training for:  Owens Corning Half marathon @ the Glass City Marathon Days … [Read more…]

Streak much? and the Holiday Hustle 5K

Silly stuff first: on the relay team my family created for the Yark Subaru Glass City Marathon (the Willford Wonders) we will be running with the following names: Lightning Lisa, Zippy Zachary, Speedy Sydney, and All Star Alan!  I’m visioning team shirts right now The buzz on my Mom’s Running Facebook group was loud.  A Running Streak … [Read more…]

A 10K for the win, MacQueens race recap

On Saturday we made a trip to Cedar Point to see some of the night rides and the Halloween happenings.  A lot of the “scary” stuff only happens past 7pm, so we hit the park around 3pm.  Oh my, that place was packed!!  It was the busiest I have ever seen it.  Wait times of … [Read more…]