2017 Run Toledo Ambassador!


As you may already know, for the past 2 years I have been a race ambassador for the Glass City Marathon.  I’ve had fun opportunities holding that position and enjoyed working with the running community.  And of course, supporting the race I love!  This year Run Toledo, the race management company for Glass City has … [Read more…]

I met Matt Fitzgerald (author!)


Last Saturday, the day prior to the Glass City races, I worked all morning at the race expo.  I’m a big fan of race expos.  I mean, who knew you needed all of the cool race stuff they are selling there!!  Unfortunately I actually had to work, so I didn’t get to shop. But, I … [Read more…]

MacQueens Run for your Life 10K!

I signed up for a race!  “What?”, you might say – “Lisa, aren’t you injured/still recovering right now?”  Why yes, that is true.  But this race is on Oct. 9th, and it’s a 10K.  The perfect distance to “test out the waters” for Columbus half on Oct. 16th, and it also looks like a lot … [Read more…]