Brunch on Sunday

With relatives in town from Canada, we got together for one more visit with them before they leave.  Since the breakfast was at 10:00, I decided to forgo my last chance to sleep in for this holiday break and get up and run.  It was supposed to be 8 miles with hills, but my knee … [Read more…]

Long run, done!

Today was my first long run of my training cycle.  14 miles.  14 MILES!  I anxiously looked forward to this run, mostly because of my knee.  I took the easy choice and did it on the treadmill because I didn’t want to get stuck on an out and back course and have an issue with … [Read more…]

Happy New Year!

I’m usually not one to be checking out nutrition labels – mostly because I tend to stay away from junk food, but I was shocked this morning when I saw how many calories were in just a half cup of eggnog!! I bought some on New Year’s Eve, thinking the kids would like to try … [Read more…]

Out with the old

Happy New Year’s Eve! We spent most of the day doing homework (Sydney), building roller coasters (Alan & Zachary), and working on the to-do list (me). I figured I would have tons of time to get things done during this vacation time, but the kids want to play and I want to play with them! … [Read more…]