Busy weekend recap

It was a crazy busy weekend around my house. It was homecoming week at our schools, so both of the kids got into the action of that event. But before I get into that, here’s the bad thing that was happening this week… my dad is back in the hospital! I’ve mentioned the issues with … [Read more…]

Training Tues – Oct 3rd, Columbus half edition


Welcome to my weekly recap.  I’m training for the Columbus Half Marathon… and how did it get to be Tuesday again already?!  I have had a crazy busy week which I will talk about in another post, but let’s see how my training went this week! Miles run:  27.5 miles  (up .3 from last week.  … [Read more…]

10K’s a plenty (Racing for Recovery) and the orchard trip


I’ll be running the MacQueen’s Run for your Life 10K Sunday morning.  Have you ever been to MacQueen’s orchard?  We sure have! There’s still time if you’d like to join me for a 10K, 5K or kids 1K run.  For those of you who may have signed up for the “Run the 419” series, this … [Read more…]

Training Tues – 9/26 Columbus half edition


Welcome to my weekly recap.  I’m training for the Columbus Half Marathon, and I’ll be running a tune up race on October 1st, MacQueen’s Run for Your Life.  Hopefully the weather will be MUCH cooler for both of these events.  Here’s what went down with my workouts…. Mon – 4 miles treadmill, 10:45 pace.  I … [Read more…]