Day of awesomeness

The day sure flies when it’s awesome!  After getting the kids to the bus, it was treadmill time.  Long run time, with lots of TV shows to watch.  First, I ran slow and tried to read a magazine.  Fail!  Not sure how people do that.  The weather was nice outside today, and I thought about … [Read more…]

New spaces and places

I canceled my Dr’s appointment today.  I was really torn if I should go or not.  I’ll be honest – it’s a financial decision at this point.  Do I need to spend $80 to have the Dr tell me that I should take it easy on my foot?  The pain fluctuates between a minor annoyance, … [Read more…]

Knocking out the 800’s… or 600’s? And an awesome t-shirt design.

Around my house, I keep the training simple.  The plan that I used, and modified, for my marathon training is from Pete Pfitzinger:  a “Pfitz” plan.  Look at the book – it’s gotta be a “tried and true” plan with a name like “Advanced Marathoning”!  Actually my husband swears by his plans, and since he’s my … [Read more…]

Back in the swing of things

Bright and early on the treadmill this morning.  Speaking of bright and early, we were treated to a breath taking sunrise on our way to the airport on Sunday.  The sun was rising up over the Continental Divide.  Ahhh.  It really did look much better than this picture shows… through our dirty car window. With … [Read more…]