Random pics from my phone!

Traveling home is a bummer. Well, getting back to the comforts of your own home is awesome, but spending the day flying and driving could be better Until I can get some pictures from my camera, here are some things I found on my phone from yesterday…  Started with another chilly morning run. It … [Read more…]

Taking it “easy”

Being on our third day of skiing, we decided to ski right at our resort. That left us more time to hang out in the morning, but more importantly, go for a morning run!  I was a little concerned because the temperature said -2 with a “feels like” temp of -15!  Normally I would say … [Read more…]

The almighty Vail

If there’s one place you ski out here, it should be Vail. The granddaddy of them all. We got the pleasure of skiing in 9 inches of fresh powder today. So awesome!  We spent the morning shredding up the back bowls and Blue Sky Basin.   We took the kids on some black diamond … [Read more…]

Ticket to Fly

Maybe I was a little too enthaustuic about my trip the gym yesterday.  I got a thought stuck in my head about leg strength improving my chances at the hill in Boston, so I did an extra set on all of the equipment yesterday.  Oh.  I was feeling that this morning.  Not to mention my … [Read more…]