Happy Monday!

Happy Monday to all!  I was enjoying my MLK holiday today.  I was watching the latest episode from Black-ish and they called MLK “Black Skiing Day”.  I had to chuckle at that one.  We did our skiing over the weekend, and drove home last night.  We wanted to have a day off to relax at … [Read more…]

Super ski day

We had a great day of skiing today. The weather was perfect – not too cold, and not too warm. It was so nice out we skied until last call at 4:30. More details later when I’m not posting from my iPhone!

Friday looooong run

For some reason my days of the week are all messed up this week.  On Wednesday I kept thinking it was Friday.  I just noticed that I incorrectly titled my post “Wordy Friday”, when it was actually written on Thursday!  To clarify, TODAY is actually Friday.  Thus, Fridays are my long run day.  Today’s run … [Read more…]

Wordy Friday

Here’s my joke of the day… What’s the difference between hardware and software? Software is what you curse, hardware is what you kick. The workout this morning was 6 miles GA (general aerobic, or just “a normal run”).  But, since I had to cut that hill run short the other morning, I added another mile … [Read more…]